Smokeez BBQ is a cook trailer based out of Ruskin, FL serving homemade barbecue like you've never tried before. Our dishes cook for sometimes up to 20 hours on the smoker, ensuring the meat is as tender and juicy as possible. Smokeez food is influenced from classic Southern BBQ recipes and innovative flavor ideas, and you can taste what we think is the perfect balance between the two in each bite. 

Smokeez BBQ started out like most good things do: as a dream to share good food with the world. In 2019, David and Kim decided that southwest Florida deserved some homemade, heartfelt barbecue, and Smokeez was born. Together the couple bring a variety of industry experience to the Smokeez table, and, between Kim's restaurant and service expertise and David's impeccable smoking skills, you're sure to enjoy their signature dishes and specialties. 

Smokeez also offers catering services for your next event. For information on pricing and packages, please contact us.